Partnered up with 290 square meters founder Ido de Voos in 2012 to build an online presence. The past 3 years has been a good translation from a physical concept store to a web entity including social media platforms.

Louie Louie

Weber-Lux asked me to team up to do a new bar in the east of Amsterdam. I asked 3WO to join cause of their great work in the East of Amsterdam. My friend Yvette van Boven helped us out with menu ideas.


A Bar coming to the Javastraat soon.

Cocktails & Shopping

Ido and I thought the event should be shopping in a non-traditional environment (flea-market, atelier, bar, old factory etc.) at a non-traditional time (at night) in combination with cocktails, music, art, sport and what ever comes into our minds. The first cocktails & shopping was in November 2004 in the old Looiersmarket in Amsterdam. Known as an old market, where secondhand goods where sold. C&S transformed this old run down flea-market into paradise. That is a paradise for aficionados of art, skateboarding, dancing, clothing and of course cocktails. Nobody knew what to expect, so it was extremely hard getting the place empty at 12:00.

Arc'teryx Veilance

Sales and consultancy at Pitti Uomo and Capsule Paris for this terrific brand. Arc'teryx Veilance is precision. Technical apparel that combines minimalist style with total performance. Veilance takes Arc'teryx pinnacle product innovation and tailors it to the city.


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